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  • Monday, March 27, 2023

Delta Tau Chapter History


Delta Tau Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, founded in 1958, was organized and established through the foresight and wisdom of several Omega Brothers. Having been initiated through Beta Sigma Chapter at Southern University, the Brothers who helped to establish Delta Tau were Jack L. Johnson (ΒΣ '42) of Bayou Goula, LA, Alexander Carter, Jr. (ΒΣ '48), William M. Walker, Sr. (ΒΣ '49), and Richard Turnley, Jr. (ΒΣ '54) of Plaquemine, LA, Leroy Barton (ΒΣ '54) of Bonita, LA, Leonard F. Martin (ΒΣ '54) and Chester A. Mosley, Jr. (ΒΣ '55) of New Orleans, LA, Wilson Byrd, III (ΒΣ '55) of Port Allen, LA, and Richard J. Perkins (ΒΣ '56) of Lacombe, LA. Upon graduation from Southern University, these Brothers transitioned into military service or community service and began lives as husbands and fathers. But the bonds of Brotherhood stayed strong as all held true to their oaths and remained active in the fraternity.

Almost immediately, these Brothers felt that several areas of the surrounding Baton Rouge community were underserved by Omega's activities and more effort would be needed to reach those in need of assistance. In response, this resolute band of Brothers, determined to lead by example and possessing an unwavering commitment to Omega's principles, decided to expand Omega's reach into the City of Plaquemine and the Iberville Parish area, where most had resided. With GOD's blessing and Omega's approval, life was breathed into Delta Tau, Chapter #666, on Monday, May 5, 1958 in Plaquemine, LA. The dreams of these Brothers had finally been realized and remain alive and strong to this day, stewarded and protected by generations of Delta Tau Brothers.

Since its inception, the 'Devil Dawg Ques' have consistently chosen only those who continuously display the requisite character and integrity necessary to uphold the Fraternity's principles and serve as beacons of hope to the community. After more than 60 years, Delta Tau Chapter continues to prosper, grow stronger, and expand its service programs and commitments. Delta Tau organizes an annual charity golf tournament to raise scholarship funds for Plaquemine and Iberville Parish-area students. Service projects include donations of supplies to area schools, delivery of food baskets to needy residents during Holiday seasons, and mentoring programs for area students.

Going forward, the Brothers of Delta Tau continue to be leaders in the community and at the forefront of change. The chapter's eternal motivation remains service to the Fraternity, the City of Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, and the metro Baton Rouge Area.

Sons of Blood and Thunder


Current Officers, 2020-21

  Basileus David Perkins
  Vice-Basileus Larry Osborne
  Keeper of Records and Seals Quintele Jackson
  Keeper of Finance Don Banks, Jr.
  Keeper of Peace Reginald Ellis
  Editor to the Oracle Quantreal Williams
  Chaplain Charley Handy
  Immediate Past Basileus Barry Riley


Past Chapter Basileis

 1958 - 1961 Leroy Barton
 1962 - 1965 Louis C. Askins Ω
 1965 - 1968 Jack L. Johnson Ω
 1968 - 1969 Clarence R. Ellis Ω
 1969 - 1972 Louis C. Askins Ω
 1972 - 1973 Raymond L. Smith, Sr. Ω
 1973 - 1975 Willie Banks, Jr.
 1975 - 1977 Alexander Carter, Jr. Ω
 1977 - 1979 Arnette D. James, Sr. Ω
 1980 - 1983 William G. Isham, Jr. Ω
 1983 - 1984 Clarence R. Ellis Ω
 1988 - 1989 Alexander Carter, Jr. Ω
 1989 - 1990 Raymond L. Smith, Jr.
 1990 - 1992 Henry Glasper, III
 1992 - 1993 Leroy Vessel
 1993 - 1994 Thomas Sparrow
 1994 - 1996 Raymond L. Smith, Jr.
 1996 - 2000 Allen Myles
 2000 - 2002 Raymond L. Smith, Jr.
 2002 - 2004 Gil Walker
 2004 - 2008 Kemp Oubre, Sr.
 2008 - 2012 Raymond L. Smith, Jr.
 2012 - 2016 Lawrence Mellion
 2016 - 2020 Barry D. Riley
 2020 - Present David Perkins